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What to frame?

Almost everything is possible… come visit us at our gallery:

Bild & Rahmen Hofmann

Oberhöchstadterstraße 4a-6, 61440 Oberursel

Airmail, Advertisement

Batik, Bills,Bird Feathers

Comics, Collages, Covers, Counterfeit, Calorie Charts, Calendar, Copies, Christmas

Letters, Certificates, Curls, Coins

Diet Plans, Drafts, Driver's license

Easter Pictures

Files, Flowers, Fabric, Family Pictures, Fall Leaves, Fashion

Greetings, Graphics, Gobelins

Horoscopes, Hair Braids, Hunting Trophies


Jewels, Jokes


Love Letters, Lottery Tickets


Number Plates , Newspapers

Opera Tickets, Oil Paintings, Objects, Operating Instructions

Photos, Poems, Postcards, Plans, Posters, Price Tags, Puzzles, Prints



Stitches, Souvenirs, Sheets, Stamps

Ties, Theater Programs, Technical Drawings, Telephone numbers


Vacation Memories

Wedding Pictures, Wine Labels

X-Ray Pictures

Yoga Instructions, Year Books

Zodiac Signs

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Sa: o9:3o - 14:oo

Phone: 06171 - 578 80


Welcome to CMSimple - Oberhöchstadter Str. 4a - 61440 Oberursel